Dressing was a necessity... Later it became enjoyment... 

Then the designs stood out... 

And the ones good at this business stood out. Tugba Group is one of those who conduct their job well. 

TUGBA is the pride of ready-made clothing sector with its fabric quality, wide product range, stylish and rich designs. 

This place is the activity building of two different companies that produce 3 brands. The production site of these two companies is hosting 3 brands. The Group appeals to different tastes and different budgets with the brands TUGBA, NIHAN and VENN. 

Business life of TUGBA, which started in 1982, continues with 3 brands in the ready-made clothing sector, sales points spread throughout the country and marketing network from Europe to Middle East today.

1993 is the year that TUGBA started production as a brand. The company, who entered the textile sector with cloak, women's coat and surcoat production, gained recognition in a short period of time offering different designs. Following these developments, NIHAN brand was born in 2002 in the same hands. When it was 2004, another new development took place. The group has expanded its customer range with the VENN brand that brings diversity in the production of women's suits, skirts, pants, shirts and dresses. 

This complex, where these 3 brands are produced, has a closed area of 10000 square meters. 80% of the production is offered in the country with a dealer network spread all over the country where 20% is offered abroad.