Define Your Winter Style | 7 Combination Suggestions for Winter

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7 Combination Suggestions for Winter | Determine Your Winter Style

To look good or not to be cold? Of course both…
When choosing clothes in winter, our priority is always not to be cold, not to catch a cold. How do we usually feel comfortable? We think about how we can dress the tightest and protect ourselves from the cold and throw our style into the background.

However, what would you say if we say that it is possible to not be cold, to dress comfortably and to be stylish? We seem to hear your voice.

For those who do not want to compromise on their style in cold weather, we have chosen the most beautiful and fashionable pieces from the Tuğba 2022/2023 collection. We wanted your winter combinations to be at least as beautiful as your summer ones!

Knitwear Dress
Undoubtedly, dresses are the easiest to combine, the most useful and the savior part of every season.
The most savior part of winter is undoubtedly knitwear!
You can easily find these dresses in every color, size and thickness at an affordable price, you can wear these dresses in 5 minutes and leave the house and look very stylish. You can combine it with a boot or long boots, and reflect your style in the best way with this season's trends. The turtleneck knit dresses are one of our favourites!

Blazer Jacket
Blazer jackets are a piece that is very popular in recent years, used by women of all styles, and frequently seen in daily combinations.
It is very fashionable to wear a basic sweater inside a thick woolen blazer and use it as outerwear!

Whether you use it with the front closed or the front open. You will love the stance of your blazer jacket!
We loved the pattern, buttons, and length of the button-down, double-breasted closure jacket.

Trench Coat
Regardless of time and season, trendy trench coats are of course among our combination suggestions!
Trench coats, which have been at the top of the most popular outerwear rankings for years, take their place in our wardrobes as the most popular part of the transition seasons, with their sporty-chic look that protects them from rain or wind.

You can look stylish with a plain basic knitwear or t-shirt to be worn inside, comfortable, stylish trench coats that are very easy to combine and seem to stay in trend for many years. If you haven't joined this trend yet, now is the time!
Trench coats in earth tones are the most useful and stylish models in our opinion! Whether you want to wear it with the front open or use it with the front closed, it is beautiful in both ways. You can always look stylish with the combinations you make with trousers, skirts or the trench coat you buy over one-piece dresses.

Faux Fur
Furs are no longer worn only on special occasions. It is also frequently used in daily outfits! Faux furs, which have become more sporty, keep you warm with their soft texture and sweet look, and allow you to catch the sporty-chic style instantly.
You can accompany the dynamism of the city with your style while raising the heat of the street with a jean or jogger trousers that you will wear under a basic knitwear.

The faux furs used in the Tuğba collection are produced without harming any animals. While buying fur, you should definitely pay attention to this detail.

In fact, we've even selected one for you. With its dynamic cut and stylish appearance, you can buy this faux fur detailed model with peace of mind.

Jogger Pants
I wish pajamas were in fashion!” The favorite model of those who say is Jogger Pants.
The popularity of jogger trousers, which are at least as comfortable as pajamas, in the summer season continues in the winter as well. You won't want to wear anything else after wearing these woolen, soft, loose-fitting sweatpants once.
You can combine your jogger pants with t-shirts, sweatshirts and oversize blazers and make a strong impression with your comfortable street style.
You can reflect the fashion week street style with oversize woolen coats that you will take on top of your effortless combinations with your jogger pants.

Those who do not compromise on their style in winter also know that skirts are not only worn in summer! The trend of the season, leather, thick, woolen winter skirts keep you warm in cold weather and continue to add elegance to your elegance in winter.
You can complete your combination by wearing long boots under it and a sweater, knitwear or shirt on top.
You can combine the sweatshirt you will wear over the skirt with opaque socks and sneakers, complete your combination with an oversized cachet coat or puffer jacket, and you can say that I am here for your style in all the intensity of life with your dynamic, urban style.

Shirt Jacket
You should definitely get one of the shirt jackets that will wreak havoc in the winter season.
We recommend that you get these jackets, which are quite thick, will not get cold, and will make you look very stylish and stylish.
Because they will be really fashionable this winter! It is also perfect for covering excess weight with its oversize cut!
You can combine it with trousers, skirts or even dresses, and you can impress with your effortless elegance.

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November 22, 2022
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