Fall 2022/2023 | Winter Season Trends

Fall 2022/2023 | Winter Season Trends

How would you like to open a new window to the winter season?
Your first impression with an overview of the 2022/2023 Autumn-Winter season; extremely positive, powerful and eye-catching designs await us. Colors are more vivid, skirts are more characteristic, and lines are much more feminine.
Tugba Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 collection, which meets the season with many different textures from leather to transparent and fluid fabrics, continues to surprise and inspire as always.
If you like vintage designs, let us give you good news. Tweed is making its way back into our closets. Here are the prominent trends of the 2022-2023 Autumn/Winter season…

Rebel and Powerful: Leather Designs
This season, leather comes in a wide range of colors from black to earthy tones. Leather, which is the main material of design in almost every line, be it rebellious or sophisticated, is the key part of a strong stance. You can combine this trend with main pieces such as skirts, dresses, trousers or complementary pieces such as gloves and boots.

Women's leather dress models, which come in many different forms such as long, short and asymmetrical, are among the star pieces of this season.
This means that this season, everyone will definitely add a leather dress suitable for their body type and style to their wardrobe.

Don't forget to take a look at Tuğba's winter collection to find leather pieces that suit your style.

Tweed Nostalgia
The best word to describe tweed designs: Sophisticated. Tweed is becoming more visible in the fashion world in the new season, especially when we are familiar with seeing it on the runways of Chanel. This nostalgic and iconic fabric, which offers a stylish look in every form it takes, regardless of short-long-oversize, is almost becoming gigantic in the hands of Tuğba designers. Black and white or color; which one is your favourite?

Cozy Knit and Knitwear
Looking stylish without getting cold? There can be no better news.
Warm and friendly! Knitted dresses are assertive to be the favorite part of wardrobes in the new season. This trend, which has never fallen into the eyes of Tuğba designers, is a candidate to steal your heart this season by offering both warmth and elegance, especially with one piece, in the new season.
Of course, it's not just the dresses! You can comfortably keep up with the dynamism of the city by combining warm knitwear and sweaters with jeans, woolen trousers, skirts and thick-soled boots without the need for snow this winter.

Pantone's Most Beautiful Color Pink
In fact, calling it “Valentino Pink” wouldn't surprise anyone. Although this most vivid and almost appetizing tone of pink may seem a bit of a bold color at first glance, the world's catwalks manage to get our eyes accustomed to this color. Although vibrant colors dominate the season, pink is definitely the leading actor. If wearing pink from head to toe is still “too much” for you, you can try combining it with different colors.

Simple But Indispensable: Masculine Suits
If you want to achieve a strong look with a single move, masculine pieces will be your savior this season. You can also buy a blazer jacket over your jeans, or you can choose a masculine suit from head to toe. The important thing is to balance your style by choosing details such as necklaces, earrings or shoes feminine.

Movable Batteries
Pleats are ideal for both contributing to office elegance and animating your street style. Pleated skirts and dresses, which have preserved the lady's style since the 20s, add simplicity to the spirit of the new season.

Different Line
The lines change size. Cross, lozenge, square… In the new season, we witness the meeting of different fabrics and different textures with geometry. Do you dare to step outside the line?

Romantic and Pastel: Tulles
Pastel tulle is here again this season for women who do not want to compromise on their feminine stance even on busy days and rainy weather... While choosing this trend for skirts or dresses, you can even go to a meeting with a masculine coat to evening parties with a sparkly jacket.

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November 22, 2022
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